Water Safety Tips


When in the water such as a lake or pond you will want to be extra careful not to cause yourself harm.  When swimming make sure you are in sight of the boat dock ladders that will allow you to get out of the water in case of an emergency.  In other bodies of water, you will want to follow the following safety rules and regulations.  Don’t forget them, they could mean the difference in life or death.

Don’t swim alone

Never swim alone.  When we swim alone, we are putting ourselves in more danger then we really need to deal with.  When we swim alone, we can’t call for help, let others know we are in danger and if we do get into a situation, we won’t have anyone looking out for us.

Don’t play old your breath or other games

You can have fun in the water, but you don’t want to play games that could cause you to be harmed.  Games like hold your breath can put you in unnecessary danger.  When swimming you want to keep your head above water at all times.  Don’t go diving deep under water and don’t try pulling anything up you might find at the bottom.

Wear a life vest or arm floaties

boat dock ladders

The water can be dangerous.  Wear a life vest or arm floaties when swimming in the water.  Also, bring a raft or inflatable tube.  If you find yourself getting tired you want to have something that floats and will hold your weight.  With a life vest and floaties you can keep your head above water.  With a raft or tube, you can jump in and go floating comfortably in the water.

Call for help don’t try to be a hero

If trouble happens don’t try to be a hero and save them.  You want to call for help and make sure that you are safe.  If you jump in to save someone you might get hurt or need rescuing yourself.  If there is no one around then you may have to take action, however, do it safely, two rescues is something no one wants to have happen.