The Benefits of Robotics in Manufacturing


The world has come a long way in regards to technology over the past few decades. There have been hundreds and thousands of innovative new developments and designs that make manufacturing items faster and more convenient. Robotic technology has replaced many functions in factories, one example being pick and place robots.

What Are Pick & Place Robots?

These robots are versatile and can be used in many different applications depending on the manufacturer’s requirements. They perform four main processes – assembly, packaging, bin picking, and inspection.

Assembly: During assembly, pick and place bots grab onto incoming parts and place them into other components which continue their journey down the assembly line.

Packaging: When packaging items, these robots grab onto parts and place them into the proper containers at a very high rate.

Bin Picking: Some robots have vision systems that are highly advanced, allowing them to pick the correct parts out of bins and place them onto conveyor belts.

pick and place

Inspection: Vision systems can also be used to have robots inspect items for defects. When a defect is detected, the product is removed and does not move on in the production process.


Pick and place robots have two very beneficial characteristics: consistency and high speeds. In some cases, robots can service 200 products within a single minute while robots with vision systems can service up to 100 products. There is much less room for error when robots are working, as they have very minimal placement errors when systems are properly integrated and calibrated.

These robots make it easier to prevent problems during assembly and keep your business producing high quality goods. They’re very common in modern facilities, so you may see one when visiting a factory or an assembly plant. As robotics continues to advance, even more applications become possible.