Creating An Awesome Gift For You And Your Kids

There is nothing better than getting a present.  Well, maybe if the present is customized to fit your child’s look, likes and even has them as a main character in the story.  If this sounds like something that interests you then consider personalized coloring books as one of those unique gifts.

With a coloring book your child will have something unique that they can call their own, are able to color the pages easily using crayons, markers and colored pencils.  What makes these so unique is that the images that are drawn can look exactly like your child, their friends, rooms, toys and much more.

Designing a theme

The first step is to design a theme or story.  When you work on creating a personalized story or theme your child will have more interest in the end results.  If your child likes to play sports, then having them dressed in their team outfit will be a great option to have.  If your child wants to explore space, then creating a space adventure coloring book might be a good option.

personalized coloring books

Puzzles and games

Another option that you can have in your books are puzzles and games.  As parents you can also include these to help inspire your children to learn math, reading or problem-solving skills.  Placing these puzzles in different areas of the book will create a fun and unique learning and adventure experience.  Start your child out in a dark cave that they color.  In the picture they need to find hidden pictures.  One of the pictures is a key.  They color the key and can move on to the next page where they start a fun and unique adventure.  Basically, a coloring book computer game.

When we take the time to create unique gifts like this, your children will spend hours exploring and living an original adventure that they helped to create.