Tips For Developing A Lighting Plan For Your Home

Our homes should be bright and cheery.  Having a dark and dreary home is something that will just depress many of us and as a result keep us from wanting to live in our homes.  When we have a dark house, it will be a good idea to develop a custom lighting plan to keep our homes bright and happy.  For those thinking of some great design ideas using custom light fixtures in our homes will add some style and visual appeal.


The first room in the house that we can look at is the kitchen.  Since the kitchen is a place for food, family and conversation we can have a varied lighting scheme.  First of all we want to have enough light in the room to work and cook by.  If we have good lighting over counters and the oven we are able to cook safely.

custom light fixtures

Dining room

Depending on how your house is setup many of us may eat in the kitchen or in a dining room.  Wherever you eat your meals you want to have a varied lighting scheme.  For a typical meal you will want a bright but soft light.  You want a light bright enough to see by but soft enough that it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

For a romantic or more intimate dining experience you will want to have a dimmer softer light.  This light will be similar in strength to candlelight or fire light. 

Outdoor lighting

The rest of the house will have a similar lighting scheme.  Outdoors however will have its own set of lighting choices.  The first will be the porch light.  The light at the porch should be bright enough for you to see everything coming up to your door and at your door.  The outdoor light should also be on a timer or triggered by light. 

When looking at different lighting choices in our home we have a lot of options to look at.  Making the perfect balance will take time and may change over time.